Soon, you will experience one of the most significant days in your lives together – Your Wedding Day. Your parents, and some friends, may have told you, that even after months of planning your wedding, “It will pass like a flash!” That’s why you want photos and videos to hold on to special moments.

Your wedding will be a day of reverence, commitment, joy and laughter. These memories should be cherished and preserved. Yet nothing, simply nothing, can bring back memories as richly and as vividly as a carefully crafted video.

Walking down the aisle, your vows, your first dance – these sights and sounds are rekindled most strongly by the action and sounds captured forever in video, to be relived for years with family and friends, or watched together on your anniversary, or even watched years from now by your children.

A video crafted by our experienced and expert artists will capture and preserve these moments. Over the past years, Our Wedding Video has produced hundreds of wedding videos – assembled with the precision and artistry of cinema style editing; and graphically titled and packaged in a digital format that will last for more than a century. Your special day – preserved forever.

Please contact Our Wedding Video to discuss a video recording that is customized to your personal preferences, adding music that you both enjoy or photographs that show those years of growing up before you met – or even a montage of your honeymoon photos. Whatever you would like can be incorporated into a well produced video that is unique to your day. It will be a personal motion picture, crafted to your individual wishes.
. . . and it will last a lifetime.