Photography and videography have different impacts. Video captures the live action and actual sounds of your wedding day. Video can help you recall the feeling of the movement of your bridal gown as you walk down the aisle, hear the emotion behind the exchange of vows, and retrace the steps of your first dance. Video captures the expression of live musical performances, the sincerity of an impulsive comment, and the reactions of your loved ones as you share this special day.
A professional videographer will be devoted solely to capturing the memory of your day for you, allowing friends and relatives the pleasure of enjoying the event without worrying about getting every important moment on tape. A professional will also bring experience in troubleshooting sound and lighting issues, as well as the skill to shoot your event in such a way as to keep it from being jarring, confusing, or obtrusive.
We will consult with you prior to your wedding day to find out if there are any particular moments which should not be missed, such as the preparation of ring bearers or an informal interview with a special guest. We may suggest a multiple camera package to capture important moments which may occur simultaneously.
Our packages are customized to your specific needs. Prices can range from $495 to $3,500 but each one includes professional videography, digital editing, and transfer to DVD. Packages can be custom designed to include multiple cameras, guest testimonials, behind the scenes pre-wedding footage and more. We will help you to put together a quality package to fit your budget.
Multiple cameras offer a greater variety of editing options. You can often better capture expressions of people who are facing each other, have the option of using a different camera angle if one is temporarily obstructed by the action of the event, or alternate between a wide shot and a close up of a particular moment.
Quality editing is essential to a good video. Unedited video footage is a chaotic series of video “clips”. Individual clips are little more than snapshots of the events of the day. Your edited video should tell the story off your wedding, and our editor will serve as your storyteller.
We have a number of talented videographers to send out to weddings. However, our resources are limited, so it is best you book us as soon as you know you want to use our services. We take bookings up to a year in advance.
A recent survey of weddings of various scales gave an average costs of weddings as $29,000. Those weddings may have included some, but not all of these elements:

Tux/suit - $ 445
Wedding dress - 2,400
Engagement ring - 4,400
Invitations - 350
Wedding Planner - 2,700
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party - 500/450
Rehearsal Dinner - 1,200
Hair/makeup - 200
Flowers - 430
Ceremony location - 1,450
Officiant - 300
Priest - 400
DJ for the Reception - 1,100
Band at Reception - 2,400
Photographer - 2,500
Videographer - 1,700
Reception - 3,400
Food - 4,500
Bar - 2,700
Wedding cake - 600
Limo rental - 675
Honeymoon (all inclusive) - 6,500